How to choose a new computer

It used to be that homes and small businesses had just one choice to make when it came to buying a new computer: PC or Mac?

Today, things are far more complicated – starting with whether you need a desktop, laptop or tablet computer.

Here’s some good questions to help you get started:

Do I use powerful programs and CDs or DVDs?

Intensive gaming, video and photo editing, and high-level business programs demand the performance capabilities of a desktop computer, although some top-of-the-line laptops can match them today. Laptops are phasing out optical drives, but most desktops can still run discs.

Do I need multiple screens, and an external keyboard and mouse?

Graphic designers, writers, gamers, families, financiers and many other computer users swear by their extra monitors, and external keyboards and mice speed up work and make for healthier ergonomics. Both desktops and laptops can accommodate these productivity boosters.

Do I need it in multiple locations?

Laptops and tablets are both easily portable, around the house and around the world.

Do I use office applications and need storage for files?

Desktops and laptops have both; tablets are still evolving these features.

Do I have limited funds?

Tablets are today’s most affordable option.


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