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How to choose a new computer

It used to be that homes and small businesses had just one choice to make when it came to buying a new computer: PC or Mac? Today, things are far more complicated – starting with whether you need a desktop, laptop or tablet computer. Here’s some good questions to help you get started: Do I […]

How to back up your computer

When customers call us with a computer crisis, their number one fear isn’t for their equipment. It’s for the irreplaceable photos, writings, music and videos, projects, passwords and memories stored inside. Peace of mind is easy to find, though! Here are the backup solutions we recommend to ensure you never lose your valuable data to […]

Servers: they’re not just for business anymore

If you’re like most U.S. households today, you have several thousand digital songs, movies, and photo files stored on separate computers, external hard drives and flash drives. One of our favorite ways to protect these precious memories and media from damage or loss is the home server. We’ve set up quite a few of these […]