The Super Tune Up
Scheduled in-store, remote, and phone support for your devices (laptop, tablet, desktop, etc).
Coverage includes:
• Install/Update Antivirus Software
• Install/Update Spyware Protection
• Install Latest Windows Service Pack
• Install Latest Version of Internet Explorer
• Delete Temporary Files and Temporary Internet Files
• Delete Unnecessary Shortcuts
• Check Firewall
• Clean CPU Fan
• Clean Power Supply Fan
• Remove Dust from Inside of Computer
• Check for Needed Upgrades
• Clear Registry of Orphaned Keys
• Update Java
• Operating System Repairs
• Full Diagnostics
• Virus removal

Software Installation
•Install software
•Perform necessary software updates
•Create shortcuts for desktop, start menu and quick launch bar access

Personalized Setup
• Install internet security software
• Install system updates
• Perform side-by-side personalization of the client’s device
• Install and configure up to three apps or software programs

PC Hookup
• Physically set up and connect a computer system (computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers)
• Perform software installation
• Configure existing Internet access and e-mail accounts

Diagnostic & Repair
• Troubleshoot PC or device
• Repair any operating system-related issues
• Remove all spyware and viruses
• Install critical updates
• Test operating system functionality

Operating System Installation
• Install operating system software (not included) on your PC.

Data Backup or Transfer
• Create a data backup to ensure you won’t lose your photos,music or other
important files in case of system failure

Networking & Wifi Setup
• Perform consultation to assess your needs and provide recommendations
• Set up and secure your router
• Connect devices
• Show you how it works

Printer Setup & Troubleshooting
• Set up and configure your new printer
• Answer questions about your printer’s features and functions
• Resolve your printer issue and restore proper printing operation
• Answer your questions about your printer’s features and functions