Servers: they’re not just for business anymore

If you’re like most U.S. households today, you have several thousand digital songs, movies, and photo files stored on separate computers, external hard drives and flash drives.

One of our favorite ways to protect these precious memories and media from damage or loss is the home server. We’ve set up quite a few of these lately.

A home server:

– provides a safe, central access for media files and important data

– connects multiple computers to a shared home network

– performs remote backups of a computer’s content.

All that’s needed is an old desktop computer (or for a more custom solution: a new CPU, motherboard and memory, power supply, case, and at least one hard drive).

Then, to transform this machine from a desktop PC into a server, you need software. Operating systems for home servers come in all sizes, styles and prices, from the bare bones FreeNAS to mid-range Ubuntu Server Edition to the easy-to-use Microsoft Home Server.

It’s a fun project, and our customers have been thrilled with the results. We’re happy to help install, configure and troubleshoot a home server that meets your family’s needs – just drop us a line at 1-866-377-8837.