The traditional sense of IT services companues is a break/fix model. The issue with this model is that your IT company depends on your business’s problems in order to stay in business, so what motivation do they have to ensure you don’t have the same problems rear their ugly heads in the future.

How would it feel to have an IT solution that would keep your systems from breaking, eliminate those costly break/fix repair bills, and make YOU the techmology hero? My Computer Store can help you acheive just this!


Managed IT services is the new way to do “MY IT” for any business! Lower costs and less downtime means you can spend more time on your business and less time worrying about your IT.

“What Do I Get With Managed IT Services?”

With My Computer Store’s IT Management, you will get the following:

24/7 System Monitoring - No matter the time, you're systems are always being monitored to prevent problesm BEFORE they happen
Remote and After-Hours service - Even after hours, we're there for you! Call any time for help and support
Proactive System Maintenance - Our monitoring software will find problems before they happen! This means LESS DOWNM TIME!
Total IT - Our flat-rate service model means software and hardware are included


We understand how busy our business clients are. We know you can’t afford system outages and other dowtime because of improper planning or updating, so we, “Worry About Your IT So You Don’t Have To!” Instead of meetings with your IT department, you can meet with your clients and focus on more important things, like growing your business.

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