Data Backup and Recovery

Every business owner is aware of the crucial need to keep their data safe from disasters. What they may not realize is that most disasters are caused by smaller, local problems with their IT systems. Will your business survive a tornado? A fire? My Computer Store has it covered.

Your backups are your lifeline in the unfortunate event of a disaster!

If your data is not backed up or done properly, your risk losing it all! My Computer Store will help prevent data AND profit loss!

Customized Disaster Backup and Recovery Planning
Data Backup and Recovery – make your critical files, “invincible”
Fast Recovery – in the unfortunate event of data loss
Cloud offsite storage – ensures your data is secure at all levels
24/7 Data Monitoring for maintaining data integrity

My Computer Store’s planning and monitoring systems ensure your data is always backup up and safe! In the event of a failure, we can see the problem before it happens, allowing you more up-time.

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