Cyber Security Audit

Are your personal or customer credit card numbers safe? Social security numbers? How would you be sure? My Computer Store uses advanced scanning technology to ensure there are no holes in your computer security. Deep web scans and other artifically intelligent software will thoroughly comb your systems to verify data safety.

Don’t become a victim of a cyber attack because you weren’t unprepared! Allow us to certify and protect your computer systems and servers 

Be Aware of Cyber Attacks

Over half of our clients do not realize their computer systems are wide open and waiting for a cyber attack
Cyber attacks target your credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank accounts, and any other personally-identifying information
Your credit cards and social security number could be sold on the dark web
It’s increasingly becoming easy because of security flaws in system software for hackers to steal your information

My Computer Store has solutions that protect you and your personal information. Would you be able to come back from a HIPPA or NIST lawsuit because of stolen information?

Call or Contact Us here to schedule a FREE MY IT systems audit that includes a FREE security scan!

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