Super Tune Up

Each My Computer Store client receives a FREE Super Tune Up every 6 months! We go through a rigorous set of tests, updates, and installations to ensure your computer systems are running at their most efficient level.

Super Tune Ups are done remotely in the background while your computer is not being used. 

What Is a Super Tune Up

Install/Update Antivirus Software
Install/Update Spyware Protection
Install Latest Windows Service Pack
Install Latest Version of Internet Explorer
Delete Temporary Files and Temporary Internet Files
Delete Unnecessary Shortcuts
Check Firewall
Clean CPU Fan
Clean Power Supply Fan
Remove Dust from Inside of Computer
Check for Needed Upgrades
Clear Registry of Orphaned Keys
Update Java
Operating System Repairs
Full Diagnostics
Virus removal

My Computer Store is the IT support team you have been looking for.

Call or Contact Us here to schedule a FREE MY IT systems audit to learn more about our included Super Tune Up!

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