Connie M.
“David was out and everything is working great”

Sondra H.
“Everything is working great.”

Melissa M.
“Everything is fine.”

Scarlett S.
“Everything went smoothly, Dave did a great job!”

Sheryl T.
“It’s working ok and he showed me how to work around my problem”

Donald P.
“Everyting is working great”

Gene L.
“The computer is much faster after the tuneup”

George S.
“Everything is working ok”

Irma R.
“Jack was helpful in getting my computer back to normal”

Terry G.
“Went really well, computer runs ALOT FASTER now, doing great!”

Bruce E.
“Everything was going great. Service was great, New machine fires up great!”

Jim S.
“Dave was FANTASTIC! He came in an immediately my printer was working again! Really appreciated the quick service as well.”

Timothy B.
“System is working quite well.”

Debbie G.
“Service was great Very fast this time around! ”

Linda K.
“Everything is running great! Thanks so much”

Dr P.
“Everything is running fine.”

Mike C.
“Customer Service was Excellent, Computer working great, thanks My Computer Store.”

Angela S.
“The computer is working great, I appreciate everything you all do.”

Angela S.
“Great Service Computer is running excellent”

Nancy J.
“Its running great!”

Donald Y.
“Computer running great, using it daily, and Kevin was very friendly to work with. ”

Kimberly N.
“Everything is going great, Thanks for all the work.”

Betty S.
“David did great getting all of my family tree backed up, I can’t thank him enough!”

Kip And Sarah D.
“My E-Mail is finally working properly thank you guys.”

Terry H.
“Computer is running great! ”

Debbie G.
“Computers are doing great now, and Kevin did a great job getting it back to us in the same day. Thanks”

Cindy C.

Karen E.

Roy H.
“Everything is going great and they are so easy to work with.”

Roy H.

Roy H.
“Going Great and My COmputer is very easy to work with.”

Behnken F.
“I really Liked David, I really appreciated how he is. ”

Galen M.
“The New Port is working great!”

Cosandra H.
“Everything went smooth! Working Great”

Sandy W.
“The Gentleman that was here was extremely helpful.”

Kevin T.
“Everything is working fine as ALWAYS!”

Director Zach S.
“Computer is running better than ever.”

Director Zach S.
“Everything is working fine now.”

Terry W.
“Computer is doing alright now.”

Sally F.
“Jack was very helpful.”

Thomas O.

Jerri And George V.
“Everything was Great and everything went smoothly”

Angela S.
“Everything Great as Always!”

Mary S.
“Everything is going great, David is great as always.”

Marvin H.
“Kevin and Jack are great, they really did a great job.”

Lynae B.
“Customer service was excellent, computer is doing great!”

Lori R.
“Laptop is working better than the day I bought it! Super fast, you guys are so cool.”

Jerry S.
“Computer is running great!”

Todd B.
“Its running good, Thanks Again!”

Sharon H.
“Computer is going great thank you all so much. ”

Laura R.
“It is all going fine, very happy with service.”

Robin R.
“So far so good, thank you for the service. ”

Joyce S.
“Great service.”

David A.
“Not having any problems, and service was excellent. ”

Jennifer B.
“Everything was fine, customer service was excellent.”

Lori R.
“Customer Service was fine.”

Audrey G.
“Everything is running fine, customer service was great.”

Jennifer J.
“It is working a lot better and I couldn’t be happier.”

Tracy T.
“Service was fantastic my computer is running great now.”

Sarah G.
“Everything is up and running great service was great as always.”

Tom B.
“Computer is doing great! Service was amazing!”

Lana R.
“They guys were very helpful and understanding, my computer is working great now!”

Fred C.
“Computer is doing well, you all have taught me well on how to use my “family Tree Maker.””

Robert M.
“Appreciate the help!”

Lana R.
“The guys are always helpful!”

Jim B.
“Computer working great appreciate being warned about my motherboard! Thank YOU!”

Angie E.
“Everything is fine, as always!”

Kip And Sarah D.
“Can’t believe how great it’s working, it wasn’t even functioning when we brought it in and now it’s working great.”

Stacey M.
“Computer is working great! Thanks guys!”

Marilyn F.
“Computer is great!”

Jeff M.
“The computer is running good.”

Greg R.
“Computer is working great, doing well.”

Barbara L.
“You guys do great as always.”

Earl S.

Laura R.

Dr Raymond W.
“Service was excellent, everything is working Great!”

Jerry S.
“Running Fine, thanks again.”

Ronnie J.
“Everything is great! I like you all!”

Adam B.
“Everything going great, Will continue to use you all for all our computers.”

Adam B.

Adam B.

Dr Angela B.
“Great service I appreciate all of you guys”

Cathryn H.
“As always you guys are the best.”

Chris T.
“Thank you guys!”

Catherine M.
“Computer is going great!”

Lanny H.
“We have had it back for a couple weeks, Service was great!”

James M.
“Everything is going Good!”

Adam B.
“Great as ALWAYS!!!!!!!!”

Leila R.
“Everything is working great!”

Terri M.
“Everything is working great!”

Charles B.
“everything is working fine!”

Ward J.
“Everything is working great!”

Steve M.
“You guys did really good on my computer!Its running alot faster now!”

Ann S.
“My computer is doing much better!”

Jane M.
“my computer is doing very very well”

Oliver A.
“My computer is doing great!”

Lee B.